First Look at The GG Truck

First Look at The GG Truck


After much anticipation, we finally have our first look at GG Truck in the flesh. The very first prototype emerged from production in late March, where it was made available for private demos to investors, staff training, as well as for photo and video coverage

In these first images, we can see the truck from all angles. The sides and rear of GG Truck are skinned purple, with streaks of pink and blue inspired by the RGB lights found in many gaming set-ups, leading the eye directly to the distinctive GG Emblem. GG Truck’s call-to-action tagline, #GoGaming, is also on full display, inviting everyone to unleash the gamer within. #GoGaming can also be seen from the front, on GG Truck’s windbreaker. GG Truck appeals to any gamer, whether young or old, casual or enthusiast with more than a hundred casual game titles and the hottest mobile esports titles that can be played in tournament formats. 

But, that’s not all! The right side of GG Truck opens up to reveal a massive LED screen and multi-purpose stage that can broadcast games, live leaderboards, and sponsor messages. Overall, GG Truck looks incredible, exciting, and ready to #GoGaming.

GG Truck is Southeast Asia’s first ever pop-up mobile gaming truck. For bookings and inquiries, please contact Jonathan Balingit, Vice President of Sales and Events at [email protected]


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