GG Truck Ensures A Safe Experience for All

GG Truck Complies with All IATF Safety Guidelines



There’s no doubt that the last year has been a struggle for everyone. Despite the difficult situation, GG Truck is committed to finding a way to bring smiles to everyone’s faces — in a way that ensures everyone’s safety and security. For this reason, GG Truck is well prepared for any scenario. 

Despite the many barriers of ECQ and MECQ scenarios, GG Truck can be enjoyed from the comforts and safety of one’s home.  In partnership with local government units (LGUs), barangay residents simply connect to GG Truck WiFi, which has a range of 300-500m radius, and they can #GoGaming!  Even in GCQ and MGCQ scenarios, GG Truck will work closely with the LGUs to ensure strict adherence to  IATF protocol. GG Truck and LGUs will allow for the set up of contact tracing, sanitation stations in key areas, and social distancing with mask and shield, which means that everyone can still have a great time gaming with friends and neighbors. Not only can GG Truck be enjoyed in any situation, but a close partnership between GG Truck and LGUs means that GG Trucks can even be deployed for public service initiatives! 
“We are committed to making GG Truck a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone,” said Ron Castro, president of GG COMPANY, INC. “It is important for us to work together with the LGUs to make sure that everything runs as safely as possible.”

GG Truck is Southeast Asia’s first ever pop-up mobile gaming truck. For bookings and inquiries, please contact Jonathan Balingit, Vice President of Sales and Events at [email protected].

IATF Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Community Quarantine in the Philippines


GG COMPANY, INC. and its partners strictly adhere to IATF guidelines on Covid-19 and work closely with local government units to conduct safe and worry free events